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I just found another gem that I”m sure everyone will love. While surfing over at I saw that they had 5 virtual labs on IIS, three on IIS 7 and two on IIS 6. These are the real deals where you connect to an actual Virtual Machine and have free reign over it. It comes with a PDF lab manual that resembles the labs from the Official Curriculum that a CPLS would use. After digging a bit further I found that TechNet also had quite a few Virtual Labs available on Vista, SQL, Exchange, Office 2007, ISA, SharePoint, SMS, and Server 2003.

I thought it would be a good idea to put these labs all in one place for people to use. I know I”ll be taking them!!!

IIS 6 and IIS 7

IIS 6.0 – Compression
IIS 6.0 – HTTP Caching
IIS 7.0 – Core Server
IIS 7.0 – Configuration
IIS 7.0 – Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

Windows Vista

Windows Vista Security Overview
Windows Vista Management Overview
Windows Vista Windows System Image Manager Overview
Windows Vista Collaborate in Small Groups Anywhere, Anytime
Windows Vista Improve your PC”s Power Management
Windows Vista Easily Manage your Data Synchronization
Windows Vista Set Up and Connect to Networks with Simplicity
Windows Vista Improved and Automated Help Options
Windows Vista Instantly Search and Find Information
Windows Vista Built-in Diagnostics
Windows Vista Better Protection from Malware
Windows Vista Browse with Enhanced Security

More Virtual labs

What”s New in SQL Server 2005
Microsoft 2007 Office System Overview
Introduction to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
Introduction to ISA Server 2006 Beta
Introduction to SharePoint Portal Server 2003
Microsoft Exchange Server 2003-Distribution
Introduction to Windows Server 2003 Management
SMS Hardware, Inventory and Web-Based Reports

Ok so after linking all those labs I just found out there a TON of labs online available for you. Go here for a list of all them…take a look at the bottom.

I wanted to keep everyone up-to-date on the latest developments of the missing AdminPak for Windows Vista. To catch up on the subject you can look here and then here.

I have some good news and some OK news. First the good news:

I have been informed by Microsoft (the team that is responsible for Admin Pack) that they will be coming out with a new tool tentatively called Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) which will replace AdminPak for Windows Vista. This is not a direct replacement but a solution similar to AdminPak. I don”t have any details yet but once I do (and am able to talk about it) I”ll keep you informed.

Now on to the OK news:

This looks like it will not be available until Vista SP1. I don”t call that bad news because at least something is coming out to help with the administration. Before anyone asks I have no idea when SP1 will be released.

Even though this is going to come out sometime in the future I still think the community should try to work together and see if they can create a cool way of doing this type of administration in the mean time. Take a look here for further details.

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I think that it is pretty obvious that the majority of the Admins out there want Windows Vista to have an Official AdminPak. While you and I may not be able to convince Microsoft that an AdminPak is truly needed, perhaps we can help solve the problem and come up with a solution. I”ll throw in a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate to the person or team or people who come up with the best solution.

I”m proposing for the community to get involved and start thinking creatively. The time is ours to take action, and that is exactly what we must do.

Here are the ground rules:

  • The solution cannot be a third party solution (feel free to comment about it here but it will not count for the prize)
  • The solution must be freeware and completely open for the community to use
  • All solutions must be complete by July 2nd 2007
  • Top solutions will be posted as a new Blog no later than July 9th 2007
  • Solutions must be emailed directly to me

There are several workarounds to get the AdminPak to work on Windows Vista but none are seamless. Perhaps you can be the savior of not only the Vista community but for all Admins out there. Good luck and happy hunting!!!

Updated News Here

Here is a brief update to a problem a lot of us have encountered, installing the AdminPak on Windows Vista to support your server environment. Take a look here for my previous post on this that has the only supported work around from Microsoft.

I”ve heard from some pretty reliable sources at Microsoft that there is indeed going to be no update to the AdminPak for Windows Vista. While this is sad I understand their direction. They would prefer you to specify a management server that is running Terminal Services that you remote desktop into and perform your management of your servers. This works great for companies the size of the one I work for (Intel) because of the advanced setup we have where everything is behind a firewall. This way you can restrict which servers have access inside the firewall and you don”t have to worry about setting rules for each client system that is going to perform these tasks.

While it works great for larger companies there is still a gap for smaller companies. I”m no expert on Small Business Server but the problem doesn”t rely with the server but instead is a problem with the client…and in this case Windows Vista. If you”re in this boat I would recommend that you remote desktop to a server hopefully not your Domain Controller but if that is all you have then that is what you will have to connect to. Once connected then you do all your administration from that server.

I really wish I could have posted some wonderful news about a new AdminPak but it really doesn”t look like there will ever be one.


Now that my home theater room is 99% complete it is time to update my computer. The reason being is that my current computer is too large and not powerful enough for what I need. Let”s start with power… How does an Intel QX6700 Core 2 Extreme sound?

One of the great benefits of working at Intel is that we get CPUs at about half off. (No I will not buy one for you!) This should allow me to run several virtual machines and not run into a CPU bottleneck. I”m going to have to get some more RAM but the 3 GB I have now will work. Of course Windows Vista Ultimate x64 will be installed on it. I could have gone for huge drives but currently don”t have the need for it. My total storage space will be around 500 GB. Shame on me but I went with an ATI 1950Pro video card. The big reason was that I didn”t need to get a high performance GPU but instead was looking for a low power GPU that will still allow me to game if need be.

But wait…I said my original computer was too large. My new computer is going to use a Shuttle XPC and specifically the SD39P2. This will fit perfectly in my component stand for in my home theater room.

Love to hear if anyone has any thoughts on the system.


Thanks to my good friend Jared it looks like Apple”s iMACs finally have support for Windows Vista via BootCamp. I”ve been waiting for this day since Vista was launched to put it on Sami”s computer. Not sure how much she will like it but I know I will. J I”ll probably get around to installing it this weekend so I”ll make sure to post some pictures.

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Now that Windows Vista is out in the wild I”m sure some of you have played with the new and improved Backup. It is quite a bit different then the old NT Backup but I think it is better. Take a look at this FAQ on some common questions to the Backup utility.

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Another day another release from Microsoft. Yesterday Microsoft released SQL 2005 SP2 and today it appears they have released the much anticipated Virtual PC 2007. I found this out from my good friends from the north. The reason I say much anticipated is because this finally has support for running it on Windows Vista and both Intel and AMD”s hardware virtualization technology. Try it out as you should already it is 100% FREE.

Make sure to mark your calendar for this Tuesday to see learn more about all the new documentation on Windows Vista and Windows Server “Longhorn”. Microsoft is hosting a public chat at 11:30 A.M. PST which will sure to be a great learning experience for all. Here is the excerpt for a bit more info on this chat:

Come and discuss the exciting new changes we”ve made in the documentation supporting the Windows Vista and Windows Server “Longhorn” operating systems. Highlighted by new, advanced troubleshooting information, we will discuss the many enhancements we”ve made to our product documentation. We”ll show you where you can find the full set of online Windows Vista docs and test drive the new troubleshooting content and early Windows Server “Longhorn” documentation. We”ll of course welcome comments and suggestions regarding our documentation as well.

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It appears Microsoft has released another Windows Vista Ultimate extra. This one is known as DreamScene and was by far the most asked about feature of Vista at the Phoenix launch in the “Ask the Experts” area. DreamScene allows you to play .mpeg and .wmv videos as your desktop background! The only one that comes with this download is for the Windows Aurora background which makes it appear as sunlight is coming from the top of the screen.

You may be thinking that this will be another piece of software that will drain the CPU…well it may but that really depends on your GPU. DreamScene is designed to tax your video card”s GPU and not your system”s CPU. My system has a Geforce 6800 and it still pegged my CPU at 90% so I”m hoping future ones won”t be so taxing…that or perhaps it”s time to get a new video card.

I really can”t wait to see some of the scenes that come out of this and would love to have one that was a fish tank. If you have Vista Ultimate you better check the Microsoft Update to get yours now!