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Creating A Successful Marketing Strategy for SaaS

SaaS (software-as-a-service) is a fast-moving space in which consumers are moving through products at a record pace. As a result, the cloud market is expected to grow at a staggering pace in the next year. It is a great time for your SaaS company to break into the market or stake your claim.

To stake your claim effectively, you need a successful SaaS marketing strategy. Your SaaS marketing strategy needs to drive demos and subscriptions. Here are some tactics and tips you can implement to create a successful SaaS marketing strategy:

What is unique about SaaS marketing?

SaaS companies generally aim to target and maintain long-term, returning customers. SaaS companies need to constantly and consistently communicate through marketing campaigns to prevent customer turnover. Many SaaS companies offer a free version of the product to get customers and then use marketing to maintain them.

Additionally, while most companies can establish a customer profile which details what a customer “looks like,” SaaS companies cannot establish a fixed customer profile. Customers involved in SaaS companies tend to be in different places in their journey, and so the customer base looks more complex.

The basics of a SaaS marketing strategy

You need to combine a variety of channels and tactics to create a successful SaaS marketing strategy. Email marketing, SEO, Webinars, and social media marketing all combine to form the best marketing strategy. 

Email marketing is far from being outdated and can be a successful strategy if used properly. Email marketing is key to getting clients onboard through demos, announcing new products or content, checking in, and sending company newsletters.

SEO helps improve your reach and shows how your product is better than that of your competitors. Establishing a strong SEO strategy is essential for successful marketing. Likewise, social media marketing is key to your SaaS marketing strategy. 

Delivering relevant content and advertising to your customers is important in keeping them interested. Greenfly helps you streamline content workflows to push relevant content across social platforms to draw in customers.

What should you prioritize?

You need to be in immediate contact with customers. SaaS users expect the brand to be reachable around the clock for any situation, so you need to establish resources across all marketing channels to keep customers interested. 

Use social media platforms as a primary connection point for customers, so you can provide fast feedback. SaaS clients are also likely to look at reviews and recommendations from current and past customers. 

Ensure the reviews and testimonials you display are positive and helpful. However, don’t only display reviews that are free from criticism. When a company has reviews that are only entirely positive, customers might not trust the brand and suspect that reviews are bought or fraudulent.

Demos should be simple

People don’t want to work too hard to get a chance of trying or using your product. When you invite people for a demo or offer a demo product, the process should be straightforward. 

The demo should not only be easy to sign up for, but there should also be clear indications on the duration or features of the demo and what steps a client should follow once the demo time has expired.

Offering a demo restricted by time limits is a sure way to get clients interested in your product since they are exposed to a full package right from the start and they can see what value it brings. 

However, offering a demo with limited or restricted features can pique clients’ interest. It may drive them to purchase the full package to experience the value it aims to add.

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