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Creative Ways to Generate More B2B Leads

To acquire customers, you will need to make sure that more people know about what you are selling. Below is a list of creative ways you can use to improve your B2B popularity and sales leads.

1. Ensure that You Have Right Conversations as Regularly as Possible

Complete reliance on one-direction modes of communication like blogs, websites, social media posts, and videos is a complete non-starter. It is essential to have one on one conversations with your prospective clients.

For instance, if one of your clients asked about a feature in one of your products. And they did so on comment section or chat, don’t send them a link to some FAQ page. Instead, you can offer them call-time and walk them through the explanation. If you did this, you get an added possibility of a sale. When emailing, initiate a video call and suggest a physical meeting. The idea is always to get as close to your leads as possible.

2. Use Social Media Lead Generation

Twitter can be a great B2B demand generation agency. In your quest for leads, the only challenge you will come across is finding the right people. When you overcome this challenge, then you can initiate engagements. These can be as simple as following them on twitter or engaging yourself in conversations with them.

Twitter also provides a search tool that you can use to find relevant people using keywords or hashtags. Other tools that are great for this utility include Followerwonk and CrowdFire. Another platform that could be very useful is LinkedIn.

3. Convert Website Visitors into Leads

One of the most effective tools that convert website visitors into prospective leads is Leadfeeder. This tool gets companies associated with your anonymous visitors. It then tweaks the data to give contact information for potential leads in those companies. This is an important tactic that works with any online generation of leads. It is a strategy employed by top companies to ensure a continuous flow of prospects.

4. Exploit the Lead Databases

With growing numbers of companies that provide information on leads, you can exploit the infinite databases provided to get yourself a number. However, it would be best if you exercised caution since malicious data or viruses could infect your computer systems. The quality of the information provided is another area of concern. LinkedIn is one type of a lead database that can offer quality and potential leads.

5. Automate Your Marketing Means

If you’re not already collecting email addresses, you need to start doing so. To convert a person to a lead, you’ll need to be able to contact them. Therefore, email addresses, mobile phone numbers, and even social account handles are a great way to get to your lead. After you have contacted them, it is now easy to convert prospects into leads. You can store this information into a private leads database that you have designed to segment your prospects.


A good lead generation strategy is a hybrid of several tactics that you can implement either online or offline. It would be best if you also implemented measurable strategies in gathering your leads. These strategies will ensure that you’re able to improve with each new lead. Invest in the few things that work instead of those that don’t.

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