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Tips to Save Costs on Running Your New Restaurant Business

Starting a new restaurant business can be a costly endeavor. However, there are dozens of saving tips that you can implement to save costs. These not only get your new restaurant off to a steady start over a usually bumpy first year but also keep it growing thereafter. 

You simply have to slot these tips into your on-going routines without interruption. So what are those tips? As many as they are, here are some key ones to consider.

Trim down on your Menu

This is a creative way to save costs starts by paying keen interest to your restaurant menu. Is there an ingredient without which customers can still do? Discontinue it. Robert L. Crandall did exactly that in a 1987 story that is now legendary. The then head of American Airlines removed one olive from every salad they served passengers. 

He figured nobody would notice or care. He was right. The airline subsequently saved costs, variously quantified at $40,000 a year by Bloomberg, $100,000 by ABC, and half a million by others. Whichever the amount, the airline obviously saved costs by a decent amount. 

Digital menu boards and their software

A great way to save costs in your new restaurant is to deploy a digital menu board solution in place of static menus. This eliminates the need for manually inscribed content and processes. This way, you reduce or indeed eliminate capital costs that you otherwise incur to replace static menus frequently. 

The easy-to-use software from is, however, necessary to augment the digital menu board and ensure that it runs effectively. A digital menu running on good software trims time and saves on costs arising from seasonal, campaign, and daily menu changes. You also reap the benefits of consistent pricing and promotion.

Cost-effective internet plan

Internet access enhances the customer experience in your restaurant. Customers need to be able to browse the internet on their phones or tablets as they wait for their orders. Indeed, absent internet, many will call you out. However, how cost-effective is the internet plan to which you subscribe? 

Do not fall for the luxury of picking an expensive internet plan because of its lightning download and upload speeds. Save costs by paying for an internet plan with a slightly slower speed. It is unlikely that everyone in the restaurant will be watching Netflix at the same time to warrant super bandwidth.

Saving on electricity bills

Utility bills are a major expense for restaurants, and yet they are not entirely avoidable. Save utility costs by acquiring energy-saving bulbs and other energy-efficient appliances, such as cooking utensils, and then using them right. 

Switch to the energy-saving bulbs during operational hours, but before then, keep them off. If, for example, you will not be serving lunch by noon, then do not turn on the lights in the dining room until then. 

Also, beware of leaving on appliances that consume power even on standby. Unplug them so that they do not silently drain energy and bring unnecessary power bills.

Involve the team

The tips would be incomplete without mentioning the need to ensure all staff is operating on the same page. Whatever the changes already mentioned and many others you plan to implement to save costs, employees will be your key enforcers. 

It is good people management to brief them on the necessity of changes and to share with them the facts about the cost-effective changes you propose, their individual and collective roles, and how much money the team will save for the business. That will put every employee on their toes, for example, to keep lights off when not required.

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