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Dealing With Angry Customers Through Chat Mode

Live chat is real-time online communication that is useful for many purposes, including dealing with angry customers. Using live chat to resolve customer complaints proactively can prevent the situation from escalating. 

Angry customers may have various reasons for being irate, from defective products to unclear return policies. Whatever the situation, here’s some advice for handling it effectively. 

Be positive and patient

The most important qualities for a live chat agent are positivity and patience. Irrespective of how a customer behaves, the best response is a positive one. The agent has to remember that the customer is not angry with them and reacting angrily isn’t productive. It will just make the situation worse and the company may lose the customer. When the customer talks about the experience, it hurts the reputation of the business. 

A best practice when using live chat is to give customers a prompt response. Angry customers will just get angrier when they have to wait hours for a response. Chat Support offers some other live chat best practices and the benefits of live chat. 

Listen actively

It is best to give an angry customer a chance to explain the entire situation without interrupting or dismissing it as trivial. Before trying to fix the problem, it is important to acknowledge what the customer is feeling. Once they have a chance to vent, they are in a better position to listen to what a chat agent has to say. Giving a genuine apology after they have vented may be enough to diffuse their anger. 

Use the customer’s name

Sometimes angry customers feel as though they are dealing with a robot rather than an empathetic live human being. Customers feel more valued when a chat agent responds to them using their names. It can make them feel as though attention is being given to their specific complaint by someone who actually cares. 

Find out what the customer really wants

A live chat agent has to step into the customer’s shoes to act with wisdom and offer a solution. This means cutting through the anger to find out what the customer really wants – an apology, a discount on a bill, or a free upgrade to resolve the problem. 

Sometimes an apology is all a customer wants. Don’t just offer a discount at random when what the customer wants is a solution to a problem. Offering a quick and efficient fix can help to retain the trust of the customer. The most important thing is to serve the customer’s needs and looking through prior chats and notes made by other chat agents can provide insight into this.

Admit mistakes

When a chat agent admits that the company has made a mistake, the customer is more likely to be willing to forgive. Hiding mistakes and refusing to accept responsibility will have the opposite effect and may make customers leave. 

Having a policy in place to handle various problems that may arise, such as software issues or a product recall, can help agents to serve angry customers quickly, give them the information they want, and let them know what will be done to fix the problem. 

Agents may need a short ‘time out’

Even handling an angry customer using all the above best practices can still be a stressful experience. It is helpful for agents to have a short break after dealing with an angry customer rather than just going on and responding to the next customer. 

Angry customers are a part of doing business and some may have legitimate reasons for being angry while others may not. The confidence to deal with angry customers and diffuse the situation often only comes with practice. 

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