As A Good Technical Lead

/* DISCLAIMER: This blog post is purely based on my personal observation and experience. The views expressed are mine alone */ Whether you call it Technical Lead or Dev Lead or Team Lead or Lead Programmer, this blog post is about the role and some of the characteristics Good Technical Lead must have. A Central Role Trust me, Dear Reader, if you are a technical lead or in a similar role you really have a central and significant position in the overall software development life cycle. Being the owner of the technical solution, your job is to ensure the smooth … Continue reading As A Good Technical Lead

Year 2010

wow! What a year. 2010 was really tremendous year with great memories, remarkable achievements and significant experience Alhamdulillah. I wonder time passed so fast, I remember writing Year 2009 highlights as well. HIGHLIGHTS FROM 2010: I was promoted twice this year in my career at Telenor. First from Development Officer to Executive and very recently to Development Team Lead For the first time in my career, I lead a team of developers and delivered Project on time! I was invited at Global MVP Summit 2010 by Microsoft at Redmond, USA. I attended the event and this for perhaps my first … Continue reading Year 2010