Client Additional Parameters using Custom Headers in WCF

When building Service communication applications using Windows Communication Foundation, we often come to a situation where we have multiple clients communicating with WCF Service and we need to pass additional parameters from client to service. This may be due to number of reasons such as sharing a unique customer ID to identify certain elements for that particular client. In such scenarios, for every communication between client and server, you need this unique ID to treat each client accordingly. In a typical disconnected environment over the internet you need to pass such data on each call to service and of course … Continue reading Client Additional Parameters using Custom Headers in WCF

Visual Studio 11 IDE Improvements

This is second post of the Dev11 series. If you have not installed preview bits, you may like to read my previous post on “Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview”. In this post, I am going to share some of the improvements in Visual Studio 11 IDE. //Disclaimer #1: This post is written for Developer Preview version, and features may change in later releases. //Disclaimer #2: The views expressed in this post are mine alone neither of my employer nor of Microsoft. //Disclaimer #3: This is a long post The Visual Studio 11 IDE contains bunch of improvements/enhancements and some of … Continue reading Visual Studio 11 IDE Improvements