DevNext NED Volunteers’ Meet up

As the new academic year begins, DevNext volunteers at NED University had a small meet up to discuss about the role of new volunteer force of DevNext at NED.


Adil Mughal, DevNext User Group Leader, discussed with new volunteers about the User Groups, INETA, and DevNext history in NED. Adil talked about how DevNext is serving students by providing a platform for them and what they can do to serve the students community.

Adil MughalVolunteers

As always, It is great having an interaction with future engineers. We hope that new volunteers will play a better role in serving their University and community.


Year 2010

wow! What a year. 2010 was really tremendous year with great memories, remarkable achievements and significant experience Alhamdulillah. I wonder time passed so fast, I remember writing Year 2009 highlights as well.




I would like to Thank my family, friends and colleagues for their extensive support and cooperation in helping me achieve what I wanted to. I hope and pray to Allah that year 2011 will bring peace, health, happiness and prosperity to world and in particular to my and your (reader) life.

Event Summary: Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate LoadFest


Visual Studio 2010


4th December 2010, we had another exciting event “Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate LoadFest”. The event was held at FAST- National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Karachi. We would like to thank all the organizers, speakers, participants and volunteers for making this event successful. Especially to our speakers Adil Ahmed Mughal, Jibran Jamshed and Munir Usman for their valuable time and attention to this event.


  • What’s New in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate? by Adil Mughal
  • Application Life cycle Management (ALM) by Jibran Jamshed
  • Refreshment
  • Mastering Debugging in Visual Studio 2010 by Munir Usman
  • Lucky Draw [Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN Subscription, Pluralsight subscription, Microsoft Bag]

    The first session focused more on the new features in Visual Studio 2010 IDE. The speaker started discussion on the New Project Dialog improvements and Start Page customization in Visual Studio 2010 then moving towards Core IDE improvements that includes WPF based editor, easy code navigation, improved IntelliSense, column selection, call hierarchy etc.

    Adil then talked about how Visual Studio supports “Test Driven Development” and Code Focused development approach. Then ASP.NET improvements such as ASP.NET/HTML mark up snippets, Cleaner HTML, automatic HTML encoding were discussed. Finally, Visual Studio Extensibility (VSX) was discussed and some powerful/highly rated extensions such as Productivity Power Tools, Power commands etc were demonstrated to the audience.

    DSC04074Jibran on ALMMunir Usman on Debugging

    The second session was about application life cycle management with major focus on Team Foundation Server 2010.

    Jibran highlighted the issues faced by software development teams in the overall application life cycle and how Team Foundation Server (TFS), along with its numerous features and integration with other tools, can address those issues. He also demonstrated creating new team projects, selecting MSF process, code version control, work items and test cases execution against those work items in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate and TFS.

    The third session was on mastering debugging in Visual Studio 2010. The speaker started discussion from basic debugging, such as usage of debugging points, stack trace, immediate window etc, to advance debugging features offered by Visual Studio such as conditional debugging, hit count, filter, macros, data tips, debug labels etc.

    In the end the Munir talked about the historical debugger (IntelliTrace) in VS 2010 ultimate and demonstrated how useful this feature is for developers.

    In the end goodies were distributed via lucky draw. Following were the winners:

    • Sheeraz Sheikh – Winner of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN subscription
    • Winner of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN subscription
    • Fahad Khan – Winner of 1 Month of free training of Pluralsight on-demand
    • Hassan Zahid – Winner of 1 Month of free training of Pluralsight on-demand

    Adil & Munir - Lucky Draw MVP Bag SpottedVS LoadFestVisual Studio Pamphlet

    For more picture, please visit photo album on Emerging .NET Devs Facebook Page. If you have attended the event, please take out few minutes to fill the feedback form here.

    In the end, we would like to thank our sponsors without them it would not be possible to organize this event. INETA, Wrox, Pluralsight, DevNext, Fast.NET


    MCTS 70-513–.NET 4, Service Communication Apps

    Today, I am excited and pleased to share that I have passed Microsoft Exam TS: 70-513 and hence become

    Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) – .NET Framework 4, Service Communication Applications.

    “This exam is designed to test the candidate’s knowledge and skills for developing applications using Windows Communication Foundation and the .NET Framework 4”. To see the skills measured and outline of the exam, please visit here.

    Preparation and Training Material for MCTS 70-515

    Earlier this month I passed MCTS: .NET Framework 4, Web Applications. After which I started receiving emails regularly asking about training kit or any preparation material for exam. So I thought may be its good idea to write a blog post on it instead of replying to emails individually.

    So let’s discuss about the exam and how to prepare for it.

    Exam Format:

    The exam comprises of 50 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with 70% marks as passing criteria.

    Preparation Material:

    As the exam was published some months back so obviously the training kit is not available yet. Well honestly there was no single book or training kit available to prepare. Overall I have gone through most of the following material for exam :

    1. Hands on: jQuery, ASP.NET Web forms and MVC 2


    I think it would be good if you have 2+ years of experience of building web applications. Like me if you were a ASP.NET Web Form developer then you may simply need to learn some new features of ASP.NET 4 along with hands on MVC framework, jQuery etc.

    Hope this helps!

    MCTS – 70-515, Web Application Development .NET 4

    I am pleased to share that I have successfully passed the exam “TS 70-515- Web Application Development using Microsoft .NET Framework 4” and therefore become Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist for building .NET Framework 4, Web Applications.

    The exam comprises of 50 questions and major focus was on new stuff such as ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, Dynamic Data Websites, ASP.NET web forms 4 etc. Click here to see the overall skills measured. In the end, since I passed, it was a good.

    You can download the Visual Studio 2010 Certification(s) Path (pdf) from here. Since currently there are no training kits available for .NET 4 exams, if you are interested in giving exam, please feel free to contact me I will be glad to share my experience in preparing for .NET 4 exams.

    Next Target –> MCTS – 70-513

    Microsoft Application Platform at a Glance

    “To stay on the map you’ve got to keep showing up.” — Peter Gallagher

    Periodically I create a map of the Microsoft application platform. Making the map helps me stay on top of the platform, identify potential changes to architecture and design strategies, and anticipate trends.  It also helps me figure out where to invest my time and energy.  It also helps me see potential customer confusion.

    Here is my latest map of the Microsoft application platform by category:

    Application Infrastructure

    • .NET Framework

    • Base Class Libraries (BCL)

    • Common Language Runtime (CLR)

    • Language Integrated Query (LINQ)

    ALM (Application Life-Cycle Management)

    • Visual Studio Team System
    • Visual Studio Team Foundation Server

    App Frameworks / Extensions

    • Enterprise Library
    • Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF)


    • Windows Azure
    • Windows Azure DataMarket (“Dallas”)
    • Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio
    • App Fabric
    • SQL Azure

    Collaboration / Integration / Workflow

    • Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)
    • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS)
    • Microsoft BizTalk Server

    Data Access

    • ADO.NET Core
    • ADO.NET Entity Framework
    • ADO.NET Sync Framework
    • LINQ to SQL
    • OData
    • WCF Data Services
    • WCF RIA Services

    Database Server / Storage

    • SQL Azure
    • SQL Server
    • SQL Server Compact


    • WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)
    • Silverlight (Out-of-Browser)
    • Windows Forms

    Developer Tools

    • Microsoft Visual Studio
    • Microsoft Expression Studio
    • Microsoft Visual Studio Express
    • Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch
    • Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server


    • XNA
    • D3D
    • Win32


    • WIF (Windows Identity Foundation) (Geneva)
    • Active Directory Federation Services (Geneva Server)
    • Card Space


    • Common Language Runtime (CLR)
    • Dynamic Language Runtime
    • Visual Basic
    • Visual C#
    • Visual C++
    • F#
    • Iron Python
    • IronRuby


    • LINQ to Entities
    • LINQ to SQL
    • LINQ to XML
    • LINQ to DataSet
    • LINQ to Objects


    • Systems Center Operations Manager (SCOM)


    • Office 2010
    • Visual Studio Office Development Projects
    • Office 2010 PIA (Primary Interop Assemblies)


    • F#
    • Parallel Extensions for .NET
    • PLINQ
    • Task Library


    • Silverlight for Windows Phone
    • XNA Framework
    • Windows Phone Developer Tools


    • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
    • WCF Data Services (ADO.NET Data Services, Astoria)
    • WCF Web APIs
    • WCF RIA Services
    • ASP.NET Web Services (ASMX)


    • SharePoint Server


    • ASP.NET Web Forms
    • ASP.NET Web Pages (WebMatrix)
    • Silverlight
    • CSS
    • HTML / HTML 5.0
    • Internet Explorer
    • JavaScript (Jscript) / JavaScript (as of IE 9)

    Web Server

    • Internet Information Services (IIS)
    • IIS Express
    • Web Farm Framework

    Windows Server

    • Windows Server
    • Windows Server App Fabric (Dublin + Velocity)

    This post is taken from

    Beauty of jQuery

    Since last year when we discussed jQuery in one of our User Group Meeting, I have been amazed by the power of jQuery. A month ago, I also tweet a picture “Say No to JavaScript without jQuery” and that is because with CSS and jQuery we can exploit the power of JavaScript/CSS, by writing just few lines of code, plus it allow you to make your HTML markup clean and independent of script/event logic. If you take a look at the twitpic below, you will observe that markup does not register any event rather the binding on click event has been taken care inside script tag using jQuery selectors.


    And that is not the all. To further decouple it, we can use CSS class instead of button Id “btnTest” and then move the JavaScript in .js file. I hope this make sense to you! (if not than don’t worry, just continue reading…)

    But today what I am going to share is a real world scenario of how jQuery helped me in observing change in any input element of page.

    Usually, we have requirement on web form that when users presses a cancel button after entering any information on page then we have to prompt a cancel confirmation dialog like:

    Cancel Dialog

    And I really don’t know what is the best way to do this but what I have observed is that developers have done this by registering onchange JavaScript event on every single input element that needs to be tracked down. Something like snippet below:

    Observing Change without jQuery

    along with some script:

    JavaScript without jQuery Library

    So what it does is that whenever users enters any text in text input element or change the value of dropdown then it will fire the method SetChangeVariable() which will set value of isChanged to true, which means we need to show cancel confirmation dialog.

    Now imagine if I have a page with more than 20-30 fields then I have to go and manually wire the onchange method. Let’s see what jQuery and CSS together offers to us.

    Suppose that we have a CSS class element

    CSS Element

    Then we will assign each element class “TrackChange” that needs to be taken care of as in code snippet below:

    Observing Change with CSS

    along with some JavaScript that uses jQuery library:

    JavaScript with jQuery

    What above code does is that when document is ready, that’s what $(document).ready does, its going to select all elements with class assigned “TrackChanged” through one of its selector $(“.TrackChange”) and wired up event of change and set global variable isChanged to true. That’s it!

    By using CSS class you can now move the JavaScript in .js file and make your HTML markup clean…

    If you don’t like assigning CSS class, another great thing you can do with jQuery is to wire change event on all input elements using input selector:

    jQuery Input Selectors

    and no need to assign any CSS class! Isn’t that amazing?

    That is all for today. Happy Coding!

    Emerging .NET Devs : Oct UG Meeting Summary

    On 6th October 2010, We had another great User Group meeting at Microsoft Innovation Center but this time it was a bit unique and different topic i.e. Windows Phone 7. Yes! we invited Munir Usman (MVP) to share his experience of mobile development in particular Windows Phone 7.
    The speaker discussed about the revolution in mobile application development and the ecosystem. The speaker demonstrated kick start applications to begin on Windows Phone 7 development.
    Thank you all for attending the event. We know many of you couldn’t attend due to limited number of seats but stay tuned because there are more shows coming up!!
    In the end, we would like to thank our sponsors INETA, Wrox and FAST.NET for making this event successful.
    About Emerging .NET Devs
    inetaLogoEmerging .NET Devs is a registered user group under International .NET Association (INETA).  The group is committed to it’s vision of disseminating information through lectures in events, sessions and to enable the developer community to collaborate with each other.
    Are you a developer? Are you passionate about technology? Do you want to grasp the Ins-and-Outs of the .Net Platform? Then this is right place for you. Join us on Facebook and/or Yahoo Group to participate further!
    Step in to gear up with .Net Platform!

    Discount + Second Shot offer for Microsoft Certification Exams

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