Slovenian SharePoint Conference 2009

Just after the SharePoint Conference 2009 in Las Vegas, the “SharePoint 2010 wave” is coming to Central Europe: the Slovenian SharePoint Conference 2009 will be organized in Murska Sobota, Slovenia, only few hours driving from us (Budapest, Hungary)….(read more)

WOW! Office 2010 – Document properties

In Office 2010, the menu for Office button is absolutely redesigned. For example, I’ve been working in PowerPoint 2010 lately, and experienced the following after clicking on the Office button: What we can see here? First of all, Document Properties on…(read more)

Office 2010

As Office 2010 CTP is public, I’ve built a test and demo environment in last days. Some customer requested a demo, and most of them wanted to see something about SharePoint 2010 also. Well, as SharePoint Server 2010 is under NDA right now, all I can show…(read more)

SharePoint 2010 Sneak Peek Videos

Last week was very important for the SharePoint folks: the Product Group published three Sneak Peek videos about SharePoint Server 2010. These videos give us small information pieces, but you have to know: the real information flow is coming at the SharePoint…(read more)

SharePoint 2007 SP2 – Update

The SharePoint 2007 SP2 bugfix is ready: “ The update can be applied before or after Service Pack 2 installation.  If the update is applied prior to installing Service Pack 2 it will prevent the expiration date from being improperly activated during…(read more)

ODC 2009? – No! SPC 2009!

Last year I was very  lucky. Althought couldn’t attend the Office Developer Conference 2008 personally, I had had a chance to blog about it at the (Hungarian). After a while, was closed, but I moved my posts to my Hungarian…(read more)