Modify the inherited properties of a field

One of my colleagues found a very interesting thing in SharePoint:: It's forbidden to modify the inherited field's properties (for example AllowMultipleValues defined by SPFieldLookup class) via properties! Doing this you start a back process…(read more)

Setting the Global Navigation

By default the SharePoint menu is two level deep: it contains a major and a minor level, look like this: By the way: we can expand it! You need to open the master page, and edit the TopNavigationMenu property. The StaticDisplayLevels defines the number…(read more)

Hello SharePoint World!

Hello, I've got Hungarian blogs: one about SharePoint-related topics , one about other IT topics , and one for my personal life (and my son). But I've never had any English blog, so that's it! My first English blog – about SharePoint. I've…(read more)