Case Study: "MOSSkola"

Introduction : In Hungarian, "iskola" means "school". In the old time, "iskola" was used as "oskola"… So "MOSSkola" is a play on words in Hungarian, meaning "MOSS school". So, MOSSkola is a…(read more)

Business Data on the Document Information Panel

The business needs: The documents stored in the Document Center have own content types, the default Document content is not used. Recording these documents is managed by a software out-of-the SharePoint (MOSS 2007), the recording data is stored in a MS…(read more)

Document Information Panel

In Office 2007 we can show the document's properties on the Document Information Panel (DIP), for example in the header of the Word. In fact, this Information Panel is an Infopath form, which can be modified. Server-side, on SharePoint 2007 we can…(read more)

Site and Page

When I teach a course or give a consultancy for a customer, I've got the question frequently: what's the difference between the "site" and "page"? It's difficult to say that. It's difficult to say that to everybody…(read more)