Build fix queries in a dynamic way

By default, we are able to display query results in our own page with the Search Core Results web part . Basically the search query can be built in two ways: UserQuery: to get a query from current user we need a Search Box or Advanced Search Box web part…(read more)

Create a KPI from a SharePoint List View

The goal: I'd like to generate KPI from a view of a SharePoint list. The KPI have to calculate the average of a number column (say MyColumn). When I want to create the KPI, I follow these steps: List URL: I get the URL of the list. I tried the AllItems…(read more)

Backup / Restore

We can need backup/restore our SharePoint for security reasons, or sometimes when we deploy some contents from one server to other one. In SharePoint 2007 we have several choices to save and restore the content. On the Central Administration site we can…(read more)

Happy New Year!

I'd like to wish a very happy new year to everyone! I have some plans, for example write more posts to this blog… 🙂 I hope, I can do this. Please, if I don't write for a week, send me an alert message 😉 Posted on…(read more)