OBA Composition Reference Toolkit 2.0

I have really good news: the OBA Composition Reference Toolkit version 2.0 is coming soon, in the first half of May. This release will extend the functionality of the V1: it'll contain security handling, incremental provisioning, and we'll be…(read more)

Generate documents with OBA

In the OBA demo Part 1 and Part 2 I presented how we can easily deploy and provision OBA components with OBA Composer. In this post, I'll show you an example developed by our team which creates some documents from LOB System data. Now let's see…(read more)

OBA demo – Part 2

In the OBA demo Part 1 we could see how we can build component-based applications by OBA Composition Reference Toolkit . But these are only the base things – these are really important, as in a building, but we can't move in yet. We're really…(read more)

MVP Summit 2008

Welcome from Seattle – I'm just arrived this afternoon to participate on MVP Summit 2008. Actually here is night, but I have a jet leg (9 hours difference to Hungary) – I hope, I can reduce it soon. I think, it'll be a great event to learn a lot…(read more)

OBA Composition Reference Toolkit VPC

Yes! Yes! YESSSSSSSSSSS! It's downloadable! The VPC Image is downloadable for everyone, which contains the OBA Composition Reference Toolkit presented by me several times in Hungary (Hungarian Architecture Forum, Visual Studio 2008 Launch, etc.)….(read more)

WSS 3.0 –> MOSS 2007 migration

One of our customers had WSS 3.0, and just decided to upgrade it to MOSS 2007. The installation was successfully finished by their own operational team, and they was waiting for us to migrate the sites and other contents. OK, it's a really average…(read more)

Most Valuable Professional

I'm really happy and proud of writing these words: I have been awarded SharePoint Server MVP from April 1, 2008. I'd like to say thank you to all my friends and colleagues, who was helping me to achieve this award. I'd like to say thank you…(read more)