SQL Server Data Services

Mashup applications, Software+Services… Nowadays these are really interesting and fashionable words, but what's the truth? Are they really so important? What is the SQL Server Data Services (SSDS), and what kind of relationship are between SSDS…(read more)

LINQ4SP: Query Evaluation

One of my colleagues, Daniel Leiszen is the developer leader of LINQ4SP project. He started to write a developer series about LINQ4SP. His first article is brand new, published a few minutes ago: LINQ4SP – Query Evaluation : "The evaluation of a…(read more)

My blog has been moved!

With three very good friends of mine we formed a community around .NET and related technologies and established Dotneteers.net. All of my blog posts published formerly here in SharePointBlogs.com have been moved to http://Dotneteers.net/blogs/aghy . Please…(read more)

Announcements: ISPA and SharePoint Magazine

Yesterday was a great day, with two really important announcements: SharePoint Magazine International SharePoint Professionals Association Other interesting things are coming… http://www.lmsolutions.hu Posted on SharePoint Blogs…(read more)

SharePoint Best Practices Conference: My presentation

The agenda has been uploaded, so I can write about my SharePoint Best Practices Conference presentation. The title is: Reinvigorate the Business Client – Best Practices for Extending your OBA over your Imagination (DEV307) OK, but what about my presentation…(read more)

SharePoint Infrastructure Updates

SharePoint Infrastructure Updates has been published a few hours ago. These are more than a simple hotfix or SP1, they bring a lot of functional additions as well. For example, we have a brand new search UI and administration page: Similarly, we can find…(read more)

SharePoint Best Practices Conference

The SharePoint Best Practices Conference will be organized in Washington D.C., 15-17 September, 2008. I'm really proud to say: I'm one of the presenters! This morning I've received a mail to my Inbox: " Your Session has been Selected…(read more)