The Day of the User Experience

Although I'm not a UI designer, today was the "Day of the UX" in my life.

First, I've started to setup and deploy a brand new MOSS farm for a customer (yes, Christmas is over, my son is at the grandparents…) connected via remote desktop. The connection was very-very slow, so I was experiencing a lot of interesting things on my desktop. The most beautiful is an IE window just after resizing


Beautiful, isn't it? 🙂


kavefozo After that let's rest a little, go to the kitchen and make a tea. As a Christmas present, we've got a new coffee maker, but the biling water was running out of that almost every time. It seemed to behaviour like a random generator. Me and my husband were absolutely at a loss: what's wrong? If the coffee maker can make good coffee/tea two times from ten, why can't the other eight? We've read the User Guide again and again, make everything after that – no success. But kitchen full of hot water.

Debug mode ON.

After lots of trying, swimming and cleaning, let's see in the coffee maker: where and how goes the water into the jug? Do you know what was wrong? The jug must to be inserted with a handle facing you (as the picture shows). But if you rotate it, the water flows out, because the jug's opening doesn't fit to the flowing opening. The jug holder is not symmetric!

Well, my kitchen is dry now and my hot tea is steaming in my mug – thanks for the User Interface designers 🙂

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