SPBPUK – The Best Ever

As you probably know, I’ve been in London at the very beginning of April. As my baby girl is only 2.5 months old she was there with me as well as my son aged 3 and husband. It was not to easy to be a mom of two little kids and have two sessions at the same time, but definitely it was worth. The Best Practices Conference was the event best ever I’ve attended: hats off to Steve and Zoe and the other folks at Combined Knowledge: the place, the sessions, the attendees, and everything was superb, I’m very-very proud to be one of their speakers!

If I’d like to summarize the conference it would takes long hours and lots of space: it’s a mission impossible, but I’ve collected a few links for you:


imageAs I promised, here are also my slide decks:


At least but not last, here are my photos of the week and the Conference.


Steve, Zoe and everybody: thanks again for this great conference!


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