Office 2010 CTP in July

Tehced US 2009 has been this week, with also some news from the Office-SharePoint world. The most important announcement was made on the keynote: Office 2010  CTP will be available in this July! The registration is open , CTP will be invitation-only…(read more)

Tools and Programs I use in my everyday work

As a consultant and architect, my everyday work stands on two main pillars: I have to be well informed and up-to-date with current technologies, news and events, so I need tools for handing the huge information flow and help me to filter the relevant…(read more)

Community Server and JavaScript

As you probably recognized, DotNeteers blogs run on CommunityServer 2008. Unfortunately, JavaScript is globally disabled by default, so we were unable to add a lot of contents to our sites, for example to sidebars. The reason is, that HTML contents (for example the content of Generic Content Widgets) are passed through the HTML scrubber to remove things like scripts etc. which users could insert into pages and cause harm. Of course, we didn’t want to enable JavaScript globally, for example because the chance of unkind comments or cross-site scripting. One of the solution is the following: enable IFRAME that you … Continue reading Community Server and JavaScript