WOW! Office 2010 – Document properties

In Office 2010, the menu for Office button is absolutely redesigned. For example, I’ve been working in PowerPoint 2010 lately, and experienced the following after clicking on the Office button: What we can see here? First of all, Document Properties on…(read more)

Office 2010

As Office 2010 CTP is public, I’ve built a test and demo environment in last days. Some customer requested a demo, and most of them wanted to see something about SharePoint 2010 also. Well, as SharePoint Server 2010 is under NDA right now, all I can show…(read more)

Office 2010 CTP in July

Tehced US 2009 has been this week, with also some news from the Office-SharePoint world. The most important announcement was made on the keynote: Office 2010  CTP will be available in this July! The registration is open , CTP will be invitation-only…(read more)