OBA Composition Toolkit – Provisioning error in your custom components

OK, you've decided to use OBA Composition Toolkit v2 – but how to start? First of all, you can download it with several documents. One of them is the Setup Guide, which describes the system requirements both of server and client side. If you follow these steps, and install the component samples (reference components) as well, you can start your OBA Composition Toolkit (OBACT) immediately. Ok, this is pretty good, but what to do if you want to create your own components? Of course, you can do that as well, but be aware, because you have to pay attention to … Continue reading OBA Composition Toolkit – Provisioning error in your custom components

Architect Academy in Hungary

Microsoft Hungary will start a new, intensive training series for architects and senior developers. The main goal is to give a wide and deep architectural knowledge for participants. The Architect Academy 's main topics are: development methods and…(read more)

Announcement: OBA Composition Reference Toolkit 2.0

Good news: the OBA Composition Reference Toolkit 2.0 is ready to use! Version 2.0 (V2) of the OBA Composition Reference Toolkit evolves the Version 1.0 release of the Toolkit to add information technology (IT) administration capabilities, a prescriptively…(read more)

OBA Composition Reference Toolkit 2.0

I have really good news: the OBA Composition Reference Toolkit version 2.0 is coming soon, in the first half of May. This release will extend the functionality of the V1: it'll contain security handling, incremental provisioning, and we'll be…(read more)

Generate documents with OBA

In the OBA demo Part 1 and Part 2 I presented how we can easily deploy and provision OBA components with OBA Composer. In this post, I'll show you an example developed by our team which creates some documents from LOB System data. Now let's see…(read more)

OBA demo – Part 2

In the OBA demo Part 1 we could see how we can build component-based applications by OBA Composition Reference Toolkit . But these are only the base things – these are really important, as in a building, but we can't move in yet. We're really…(read more)

OBA demo Part 1: OBA Composition Reference Toolkit

Recently I had two presentations about Office Business Applications (OBAs) and OBA Composition Reference Toolkit . A few days ago I wrote about my presentation on Hungarian Architecture Forum, but I didn't mention the second one: on the Visual Studio…(read more)

Presentation about OBA

Last week we had the V. Hungarian Architecture Conference , and I was so lucky that I was one of the presenters. My topics were OBA , OBA Composition Reference Toolkit and Financial Services Component Library . You can see my presentation here , or download…(read more)

Office Business Applications

Yep, I'm here… In the last few months I’ve began to pay attention to OBA. I couldn’t participate on the ODC , SPC and FSDC , but I’ve seen all the presentations and some extra information, so I could start a blog about this topic. It’s in Hungarian…(read more)