LINQ4SP – Delete a list item

OK, let's play with LINQ4SP again. You can download Beta1 , write a simple query , create a new list item and lookup fields . In the next part I'll show you how to delete an item from a list : [TestMethod] public void DeleteCreatedItems() { using…(read more)

LINQ4SP – Create new list item

Well, we can query our SharePoint lists with LINQ4SP, that's great. But what about data manipulation? Can we create, modifiy or delete items as well? My answer is: yes, we can! We are able to create new item, modify or delete items with LINQ4SP! First…(read more)

LINQ4SP – Simple Query

In the last demo I showed you are able to generate the context and business classes with the LINQ4SP code generator. This time I would like to go through and easy query generation and some basic filtering. First we generated the context from a SharePoint…(read more)

LINQ4SP – Code Generator

As we're planning to release LINQ4SP Beta1 at the end of this week, let's start to show some pieces of it! First of all, I'll show you how you can browse your site's content, and select what you want to use in the generated code. You can…(read more)

OBA demo – Part 2

In the OBA demo Part 1 we could see how we can build component-based applications by OBA Composition Reference Toolkit . But these are only the base things – these are really important, as in a building, but we can't move in yet. We're really…(read more)

OBA demo Part 1: OBA Composition Reference Toolkit

Recently I had two presentations about Office Business Applications (OBAs) and OBA Composition Reference Toolkit . A few days ago I wrote about my presentation on Hungarian Architecture Forum, but I didn't mention the second one: on the Visual Studio…(read more)