SharePoint 2007 SP2 – Update

The SharePoint 2007 SP2 bugfix is ready: “ The update can be applied before or after Service Pack 2 installation.  If the update is applied prior to installing Service Pack 2 it will prevent the expiration date from being improperly activated during…(read more)

Office 2007 and SharePoint 2007 SP2

Here you are! SP2s are here. You can find the announcement at the Product Group’s blog. Additional information and reasons to install are in Joel’s post: Performance Reliability/Stability Fixes 2. Browser support for IE 8 and improvements in tier 2 browsers (Firefox) 3. Reliability improvements in Indexing and Index Corpus 4. Security Improvements 5. New STSADM Commands including some to fix corruption and relationships (orphaning) BONUS! Pre Upgrade Checker! – 960577 ( ) List of all Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Server Pre-Upgrade Checker knowledge base articles.  This WILL Be required for the next version. I’ve downloaded them, today is … Continue reading Office 2007 and SharePoint 2007 SP2

SharePoint 2007 SP2

It’s just announced: the SP2 is coming on April 28. The details and the full list of updates can be found here. Technorati Tags: SharePoint 2007,MOSS,WSS,MOSS 2007,WSS 3.0,SP,Service Pack,administration,development

MOSS 2007 and .NET framework 3.5 SP1 – Second part

I've had an article about our .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 issue, where the Records Center went wrong after the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 installation. Well, that story comes back to my life again and again, so I had to search forward the issues. Well, Anders mentioned the loopback check in his comment as well as the Microsoft MCS recommended me to check that. (Un?)fortunately I’m too curious and the simple solution is not enough to me. I wanted to know: why? First of all, some facts: My post about this issue was written on October 31, 2008. Another post about … Continue reading MOSS 2007 and .NET framework 3.5 SP1 – Second part

WFE vs. Complete installation

Today I had a really interesting (and horrible but useful) experience. One of our customers has installed a brand new MOSS 2007 Enterprise farm with one server (and one other for SQL 2005), and my task was to migrate some content databases to here from another MOSS 2007 Enterprise. It seemed to be really simple, but… Oh yes, the mythical BUT!… So, the content database was ready, new web application created, content DB attached, everything seemed well and good. Ok, the contents are ready, let's setup some custom features and set the basic MOSS features, for example search. Pretty easy, … Continue reading WFE vs. Complete installation

MOSS Search: Custom Search pages and Property mappings

After a basic introduction let's see, how you can build a custom search page, and Property mappings. This post will built on traditional method without Infrastructure Updates, but in the next part we'll see the Updates details as well. Step 0: Set the basic search See my previous post and practice the details described there. Step 1: Create lists and libraries In my example, we'll use the following scenario: the site collection contains several lists and document libraries, that are responsibe for question-type items, and answer-type items. Of course, these items are connected into question-answers pairs. The main goal is … Continue reading MOSS Search: Custom Search pages and Property mappings

Clock adjustment

One of our customers called me doubtfully: he was testing a custom SharePoint Designer workflow on their MOSS production server, and he would need some fire fighting: he set the server's time forward with 24 hours, then back. That was OK, but some things went wrong immediately: the main page gave "The Context has expired and can no logner be used." error message; the Content Query web parts returned with empty content; etc. Althought the trouble was really serious (their full intranet was unabéle to work properly) the solution was quite simple: restart all SharePoint services, then run an iisreset. … Continue reading Clock adjustment

Web Applications and Content Databases

In SharePoint 2007, every Web Application has its own content database(s). Yes, the WebApps can contain more than one Content Database – moreover, we can change the default content DB. Why is it important for us? Just for fun? – No, of course. It can be important, for example, if we have to move a full site with all content. The steps of creating the new Web Application with the original content are the followings: Create the new Web Application on the Central Administration site. You have to give a name for the Content Database – as it's a temporary … Continue reading Web Applications and Content Databases

SharePoint Infrastructure Updates

SharePoint Infrastructure Updates has been published a few hours ago. These are more than a simple hotfix or SP1, they bring a lot of functional additions as well. For example, we have a brand new search UI and administration page: Similarly, we can find…(read more)

WSS 3.0 –> MOSS 2007 migration

One of our customers had WSS 3.0, and just decided to upgrade it to MOSS 2007. The installation was successfully finished by their own operational team, and they was waiting for us to migrate the sites and other contents. OK, it's a really average…(read more)