WSS 3.0 –> MOSS 2007 migration

One of our customers had WSS 3.0, and just decided to upgrade it to MOSS 2007. The installation was successfully finished by their own operational team, and they was waiting for us to migrate the sites and other contents. OK, it's a really average…(read more)

Build fix queries in a dynamic way

By default, we are able to display query results in our own page with the Search Core Results web part . Basically the search query can be built in two ways: UserQuery: to get a query from current user we need a Search Box or Advanced Search Box web part…(read more)

Modify the inherited properties of a field

One of my colleagues found a very interesting thing in SharePoint:: It's forbidden to modify the inherited field's properties (for example AllowMultipleValues defined by SPFieldLookup class) via properties! Doing this you start a back process…(read more)

Setting the Global Navigation

By default the SharePoint menu is two level deep: it contains a major and a minor level, look like this: By the way: we can expand it! You need to open the master page, and edit the TopNavigationMenu property. The StaticDisplayLevels defines the number…(read more)