SPBP – My presentation (Part 1)

Reinvigorate the Business Client – Extend your OBA over your Imagination As I've promised, I'm starting to give a short description about my presentation, and will upload the demos. Let's start with the presentation. On Tuesday afternoon I was showing to my audience, what does OBA mean, how can Office System and several LOB Systems be integrated in a transparent way, and what are best practices during OBA building. Yes, this process is a building process, because you can play with the OBA components as they would be LEGO blocks… First of all, let's see the Line-of-Business (LOB) Systems. A … Continue reading SPBP – My presentation (Part 1)

SharePoint Best Practices Conference

The SharePoint Best Practices Conference will be organized in Washington D.C., 15-17 September, 2008. I'm really proud to say: I'm one of the presenters! This morning I've received a mail to my Inbox: " Your Session has been Selected…(read more)

Presentation about OBA

Last week we had the V. Hungarian Architecture Conference , and I was so lucky that I was one of the presenters. My topics were OBA , OBA Composition Reference Toolkit and Financial Services Component Library . You can see my presentation here , or download…(read more)