Searching your SharePoint sites with Internet Explorer 8

IE8 has a very customizable Search Toolbar. Of course, the default search engine used by it is the Live Search, but you can manage the search providers in a very easy way. Just click on the “Find More Providers” menu: On that page you can find the most popular search providers like Google, Live Search, AOL, Yahoo!, etc. You can add them to your search toolbar with a simple click:   Moreover, on the right side of the screen you can find a very interesting section: “Create Your Own”. Here you are, that’s your friend if you want to add … Continue reading Searching your SharePoint sites with Internet Explorer 8

Presenting at European SharePoint Best Practices Conference

After the success of SharePoint Best Practices Conference, organized by Mindsharp last September in Washington DC, the series goes on. Next event is going to be at the very beginning of February, in San Diego. This conference goes beyond the how-to’s of SharePoint and delves into real world issues facing successful SharePoint implementations. Learn how to: Make consistent, confident decisions at every level, across your enterprise. Break the cycle of avoidance, disagreement and ignorance that leads to subpar results. Eliminate design, deployment, organizational and administrative confusion. Apply effective SharePoint decision-making in any situation and in turn enhance enterprise communication, collaboration … Continue reading Presenting at European SharePoint Best Practices Conference

WFE vs. Complete installation

Today I had a really interesting (and horrible but useful) experience. One of our customers has installed a brand new MOSS 2007 Enterprise farm with one server (and one other for SQL 2005), and my task was to migrate some content databases to here from another MOSS 2007 Enterprise. It seemed to be really simple, but… Oh yes, the mythical BUT!… So, the content database was ready, new web application created, content DB attached, everything seemed well and good. Ok, the contents are ready, let's setup some custom features and set the basic MOSS features, for example search. Pretty easy, … Continue reading WFE vs. Complete installation

MOSS Search: Custom Search pages and Property mappings

After a basic introduction let's see, how you can build a custom search page, and Property mappings. This post will built on traditional method without Infrastructure Updates, but in the next part we'll see the Updates details as well. Step 0: Set the basic search See my previous post and practice the details described there. Step 1: Create lists and libraries In my example, we'll use the following scenario: the site collection contains several lists and document libraries, that are responsibe for question-type items, and answer-type items. Of course, these items are connected into question-answers pairs. The main goal is … Continue reading MOSS Search: Custom Search pages and Property mappings

MOSS Search – Base search functions

The MOSS Search Engine gives a lot of really powerful features for us. Let's see a few options, how can we set very useful search pages. First of all, we can define several types of content sources: … You can read the full article on my new blog…(read more)

Build fix queries in a dynamic way

By default, we are able to display query results in our own page with the Search Core Results web part . Basically the search query can be built in two ways: UserQuery: to get a query from current user we need a Search Box or Advanced Search Box web part…(read more)