Presenting at European SharePoint Best Practices Conference

After the success of SharePoint Best Practices Conference, organized by Mindsharp last September in Washington DC, the series goes on. Next event is going to be at the very beginning of February, in San Diego. This conference goes beyond the how-to’s of SharePoint and delves into real world issues facing successful SharePoint implementations. Learn how to: Make consistent, confident decisions at every level, across your enterprise. Break the cycle of avoidance, disagreement and ignorance that leads to subpar results. Eliminate design, deployment, organizational and administrative confusion. Apply effective SharePoint decision-making in any situation and in turn enhance enterprise communication, collaboration … Continue reading Presenting at European SharePoint Best Practices Conference

SharePoint Best Practices Conference: My presentation

The agenda has been uploaded, so I can write about my SharePoint Best Practices Conference presentation. The title is: Reinvigorate the Business Client – Best Practices for Extending your OBA over your Imagination (DEV307) OK, but what about my presentation…(read more)

SharePoint Best Practices Conference

The SharePoint Best Practices Conference will be organized in Washington D.C., 15-17 September, 2008. I'm really proud to say: I'm one of the presenters! This morning I've received a mail to my Inbox: " Your Session has been Selected…(read more)