SharePoint by Day, SharePint by Night

If you’re attending the European SharePoint Best Practices Conference at the beginning of April, don’t miss the SharePint on Wednesday, April 8 evening with other SharePointers. See you soon in London!

These days

There were a lot of interesting events and announcements in the world, while I’ve been with my baby daughter in the last days. In the meantime I’m reviewing some technical documents… So, here you are a short enumeration about the most important SharePoint-related news of the past days: SharePoint Dispose Checker: During SharePoint development there is a common thing to have disposa problems. These issues makes nightmares to the developers as well as end users because of the bad quality of codes. Fortunately, the SharePoint Dispose Checker has been available since the end of January: “SPDisposeCheck is a tool to … Continue reading These days

Presenting at European SharePoint Best Practices Conference

After the success of SharePoint Best Practices Conference, organized by Mindsharp last September in Washington DC, the series goes on. Next event is going to be at the very beginning of February, in San Diego. This conference goes beyond the how-to’s of SharePoint and delves into real world issues facing successful SharePoint implementations. Learn how to: Make consistent, confident decisions at every level, across your enterprise. Break the cycle of avoidance, disagreement and ignorance that leads to subpar results. Eliminate design, deployment, organizational and administrative confusion. Apply effective SharePoint decision-making in any situation and in turn enhance enterprise communication, collaboration … Continue reading Presenting at European SharePoint Best Practices Conference

SPBP – My presentation (Part 1)

Reinvigorate the Business Client – Extend your OBA over your Imagination As I've promised, I'm starting to give a short description about my presentation, and will upload the demos. Let's start with the presentation. On Tuesday afternoon I was showing to my audience, what does OBA mean, how can Office System and several LOB Systems be integrated in a transparent way, and what are best practices during OBA building. Yes, this process is a building process, because you can play with the OBA components as they would be LEGO blocks… First of all, let's see the Line-of-Business (LOB) Systems. A … Continue reading SPBP – My presentation (Part 1)

SPBP Conference – Sessions

Well, let's see the sessions I've attended on the SPBP Conference. You have to know that it was a really big and well-organized conference: with more than 350 participants (IT Pros, developers, CIOs, project managers, architects, information workers), 35 speakers with almost 80 sessions, and a lot of sponsors/exhibitors. The sessions was going in six rooms paralelly. First of all, Keynote by Tom Rizzo. Well, Tom Rizzo is Tom Rizzo… Good presenter with a well-edited presentation to the current audience (IT Pros, developers, CIOs, project managers, architects, infoworkers – everybody who is interested in SharePoint Best Practices). Tom talked not … Continue reading SPBP Conference – Sessions

Just after my presentation at SPBP Conference

Yes, it was today. In the middle of the SharePoint Best Practices Conference I had an opportunity to present about the mistery of the OBAs to my audience. First of all, let me say thank you to Mindsharp because of this huge opportunity! Well, what is this conference like? Interesting. Colorful. Full with a lot of talented experts and presenters. I feel… how to say? I feel if I would at home in this community. I have friends around me. Although my native language is not the English, we speak the same language, we understand each other – because we're … Continue reading Just after my presentation at SPBP Conference

SharePoint Best Practices Conference: My presentation

The agenda has been uploaded, so I can write about my SharePoint Best Practices Conference presentation. The title is: Reinvigorate the Business Client – Best Practices for Extending your OBA over your Imagination (DEV307) OK, but what about my presentation…(read more)