SPBP – My presentation (Part 1)

Reinvigorate the Business Client – Extend your OBA over your Imagination As I've promised, I'm starting to give a short description about my presentation, and will upload the demos. Let's start with the presentation. On Tuesday afternoon I was showing to my audience, what does OBA mean, how can Office System and several LOB Systems be integrated in a transparent way, and what are best practices during OBA building. Yes, this process is a building process, because you can play with the OBA components as they would be LEGO blocks… First of all, let's see the Line-of-Business (LOB) Systems. A … Continue reading SPBP – My presentation (Part 1)


Although SSDS (SQL Server Data Services) is in private Beta status, but we've got SSDS SDK Beta since last week! This contains a Command Line Tool, and the SSDS Explorer. SSDS Explorer is for give us GET, POST, PUT, DELETE and Query functions to our SSDS items (entites, containers, authorities). But SSDS Explorer doesn't support every function contained in Command Line Tool (for example backup/restore, blog data handling). SSDS SDK can be downloaded here. Technorati Tags: SSDS,Development

SQL Server Data Services

Mashup applications, Software+Services… Nowadays these are really interesting and fashionable words, but what's the truth? Are they really so important? What is the SQL Server Data Services (SSDS), and what kind of relationship are between SSDS…(read more)