Office 2010 CTP in July

Tehced US 2009 has been this week, with also some news from the Office-SharePoint world. The most important announcement was made on the keynote: Office 2010  CTP will be available in this July! The registration is open , CTP will be invitation-only…(read more)

Tools and Programs I use in my everyday work

As a consultant and architect, my everyday work stands on two main pillars: I have to be well informed and up-to-date with current technologies, news and events, so I need tools for handing the huge information flow and help me to filter the relevant…(read more)

Community Server and JavaScript

As you probably recognized, DotNeteers blogs run on CommunityServer 2008. Unfortunately, JavaScript is globally disabled by default, so we were unable to add a lot of contents to our sites, for example to sidebars.

The reason is, that HTML contents (for example the content of Generic Content Widgets) are passed through the HTML scrubber to remove things like scripts etc. which users could insert into pages and cause harm. Of course, we didn’t want to enable JavaScript globally, for example because the chance of unkind comments or cross-site scripting.

One of the solution is the following: enable IFRAME that you can embed some HTML pages in. Insert your JavaScript into a simple HTML page, save it and upload to the CS. For example, my sample HTML page is so simple:

<script type="text/javascript">
<!—Insert your script here -->

</script> </body>

After uploading, embed your HTML page into an IFRAME embedded to a Generic Content Widget:

<iframe src="/your_page_location.html" frameborder="0"> 

That’s it! 🙂

More info about CS2008 and HTML scrubbing: here.

Office 2007 and SharePoint 2007 SP2

Here you are! SP2s are here. You can find the announcement at the Product Group’s blog. Additional information and reasons to install are in Joel’s post:

Performance Reliability/Stability Fixes

2. Browser support for IE 8 and improvements in tier 2 browsers (Firefox)

3. Reliability improvements in Indexing and Index Corpus

4. Security Improvements

5. New STSADM Commands including some to fix corruption and relationships (orphaning)

BONUS! Pre Upgrade Checker! – 960577 ( ) List of all Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Server Pre-Upgrade Checker knowledge base articles.  This WILL Be required for the next version.

I’ve downloaded them, today is the install day!

SPBPUK – The Best Ever

As you probably know, I’ve been in London at the very beginning of April. As my baby girl is only 2.5 months old she was there with me as well as my son aged 3 and husband. It was not to easy to be a mom of two little kids and have two sessions at the same time, but definitely it was worth. The Best Practices Conference was the event best ever I’ve attended: hats off to Steve and Zoe and the other folks at Combined Knowledge: the place, the sessions, the attendees, and everything was superb, I’m very-very proud to be one of their speakers!

If I’d like to summarize the conference it would takes long hours and lots of space: it’s a mission impossible, but I’ve collected a few links for you:


imageAs I promised, here are also my slide decks:


At least but not last, here are my photos of the week and the Conference.


Steve, Zoe and everybody: thanks again for this great conference!


Just published: Integrating document management systems into Microsoft SharePoint 2007

“When choosing integration, first ask yourself what you'll need to integrate. Documents are more than simple files. Their file format (.doxc, .txt, .pdf, etc.), content and metadata are also important. Decent DMS software handles those parts and makes them available to end users. Also determine what type of integration will best meet your business needs.”

The full article can be found here.

MVP Renewed


A few hours ago I've received the news: I've been renewed with the MVP award for another year.

New BDC Book: SharePoint 2007 Developer’s Guide to Business Data Catalog

A few weeks ago Brett Lonsdale has announced on his blog the new BDC Book (The Developers Guide to the Business Data Catalog) written by him and Nick Swan to “help people understand the Business Data Catalog and to be able to use the features of the BDC such as BDC Search, Business Data Column, Business Data Web Parts, and the BDC Object Model.  The book also covers subjects like OBA.

As you probably know, the goal of the BDC (Business Data Catalog) is to provide a general way to access our several LOB (Line-of-Business) systems and integrate their data into the MOSS 2007.


In my experiences, most people are not too familiar with BDC as they don’t know its real power. Or even if they know something about the BDC they’re afraid to use it. Don’t do! This book drives us to the main ways to use our LOB systems with a BDC definition:

  • BDC webparts
  • Business Data column
  • Search
  • User Profile Import
  • custom solutions

Moreover, we can also learn how to build up an Application Definition File, how to set up a secure BDC connection as well as extending the User Profiles. My favorite chapters are about displaying BDC data with the help of SharePoint Designer, and (of course :)) about Office Business Applications (OBAs).

Finally, Brett and Nick introduce us to writing back to BDC via the Application Definition File or the Object Model. – Oh yes, it’s possible even almost everybody thinks it’s a mission impossible. As the two Metaman-guys say: “The Business Data Catalog does actually support Read/Write both in the Object Model and in the Application Definition File. It is the Web Parts that simply don't support Write Back or Updates.” – Are you surprised? I told you: most people are not enough familiar with BDC…

All in all, this book covers every aspect of the Business Data Catalog, makes very deep and detailed introductions, examples and how-tos. A real must to have book if you works as a SharePoint developer!