"New Nigerian law would jail spammers" – MSNBC story. – Tales from the Crypto

"New Nigerian law would jail spammers" – MSNBC story.

I don’t know how I missed this story when it first appeared, but apparently the country of Nigeria is so upset with its well-earned reputation as the source of an unfeasibly large number of fraudulent spams, that they are now trying to enact a law that would cause spammers, phishers, fraudsters, child pornographers, and terrorists to spend six months to five years in jail, and pay the equivalent of $77 – $7700 in fines.  Oh, and the government could seize any profits made from the schemes in question.


Having seen how badly our own (USA) attempts to “curtail spam” with laws that do nothing of the sort have gone, I wish the Nigerians the best of luck.

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