A quick guide to PC SAFETY – follow up on MS06-003 / CreateItemFromTemplate

After yesterday’s post on MS06-003 interfering with my use of CreateItemFromTemplate, I figured I should take advantage of the 1-866-PCSAFETY line provided by Microsoft for resolving bugs caused by security patches.

Other than a mildly confusing list of choices, which didn’t quite cover the case I wanted, but allowed me to select “talk to a human”, I’ve found this to be a really good tech-support experience.  Hold times were less than five minutes in most cases, with the longest being eight minutes, and the questions asked were all to the point.  The bug was confirmed as being present, a workaround was offered (don’t use the second parameter, the item will be created in the drafts folder anyway), and the prospect of a quick-fix was offered once it is developed.

I found it very interesting to see that the first option in the voice-mail is a kind of “issue-of-the-day” message, offering information on resolving whatever virus or spyware infection appears to be en vogue.

Option two allows you to request a fax of information on how to protect your PC – a brief reminder that there are some people who still prefer to do business without the Internet as much as possible.

Option three – the “talk to a person” option – gives you the further option of whether you’re calling about personal software, professional software, or developer issues.

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