Sometimes it’s good to be a foreigner

Every now and again, I go looking to foreign versions of various web sites – mostly, because of my own background, I go to UK sites (because that’s where I grew up), or US sites (because that’s where I live now).

Here’s a UK gem that US developers aren’t aware of: – MSDN Nuggets – a 10-15 minute exposition on a developer topic, for people who are too short for time to make it through an entire one-hour webcast (and I’ve met very few developers who can sit still for a whole hour).

Then there’s the sites where I don’t even read the language – but in the case of Microsoft’s Japanese Security pages, you don’t have to!  [Wouldn’t it be nice if the English Security notices included such a simple demonstration of how an attack can proceed?]

Of course, for the most part, the feeling is the other way around – the US sites get all the best offers, the new features, etc, etc, but occasionally local ingenuity allows you to get something useful from a site outside the US.

Broaden your horizons – there’s a whole world of information out there, and it’s all as close as your desk!

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