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Net Neutrality Bill

According to Identity Woman, Senator Ron Wyden has drafted and submitted a “Net Neutrality Bill”, and as with so many other pieces of government, the words it’s phrased in make it sound really wonderful.  Unfortunately, they can be read in a way that isn’t quite so lovely.

Let’s re-draft some of the points she refers to:

– Broadband providers will not be allowed to interfere with, block, degrade, alter, modify or change traffic on the Internet;

Becomes: Broadband providers will not be allowed to provide filters for spam, illegal or obscene content, nor will they be allowed to quench floods of denial-of-service attacks on your web site.

– Broadband providers will not be allowed to create a priority lane where content providers can buy quicker access to customers, while those who do not pay the fee are left in the slow lane;

Becomes: You will not be allowed to create a quicker path for people with whom you have a business relationship – your customers will have to wait behind the spammers, if the spammers got there first.

– Broadband providers must allow consumers to choose which devices they use to connect to the Internet while they are on the net;

Becomes: every time you call for technical support, you will be told that the problems are caused by the device you chose to install (even if it’s the provider’s suggested model from last month), and you will have to spend time proving that this is not the situation, and/or replacing the device with one of the broadband provider’s choosing while they ‘troubleshoot’ the problem.

– Consumers should have non-discriminatory access and service; and

Becomes: No matter how flagrantly you may abuse the system, you get to try again with the same broadband provider.

– The broadband world should have a transparent system in which consumers, Internet content, and applications companies have access to the rates, terms, and conditions for Internet service.

Okay, so I can’t find much wrong with that one.

Am I just being too much of a curmudgeon, or is this as dangerous as it sounds?

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