Error 0x80005000 and DirectoryEntry in .NET

So I’ve got a project that requires I write a web app that checks against Active Directory (an ADAM instance, as it happens).

It doesn’t seem to work, for the longest time.

I’ve got my server’s address set out, I remember to use the “Distinguished Name” format of the user name, and I have the right password.  I’ve selected the right AuthenticationType, and I still get an exception:

“Unknown exception (0x8000500)”.

Here’s the code that failed:

const string adamServer = “ldap://servername:389/DC=example,DC=com”;
const string adamSvcUser = “CN=userName,CN=Roles,DC=example,DC=com”;
const string adamSvcPassword = “cwazqa”;

protected void
subClick(string sUserName, string sPassword)
// Find User in ADAM
DirectoryEntry root = new DirectoryEntry(adamServer,
adamSvcUser, adamSvcPassword, AuthenticationTypes.None);

I just couldn’t see anything wrong.

I’ll come back and edit this post later with the answer…


Okay, so nobody else saw the answer either – that makes me feel better.

The answer is simply that I put “ldap://” at the start of the adamServer string.  The protocol specifier is case-sensitive.

Who thought that one up?  Is “ldap” really different from “LDAP”?  How?  To what protocol does “LDAP” refer, if not to “ldap”?

So there’s your answer – the string should have been “LDAP://servername:389/DC=example,DC=com” – elements in the string other than “LDAP” are all case-insensitive.

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  1. Change “ldap://servername:389/DC=example,DC=com”; with “LDAP://servername:389/DC=example,DC=com”; probably it will work

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