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Septoplasty update

In my post “Scott Adams is a whiner“, I mentioned that my septoplasty wasn’t so bad – I spent a couple of days, as is usual when you have surgery, recovering, and I missed a couple of days of work.

Then there was the week of not being able to blow my nose, and of having to rinse twice a day with a liter of salt water – not fun, but then again, not painful either.

Finally, came the moment when the splints were to be removed.

You know that scene in Star Trek II, Wrath of Khan, when the bug crawls out of Bester’s ear?

Yeah, that’s what it was like.

You lean back, they snip the string on the splints (was that to prevent me from sneezing them out, or to prevent them from accidentally being swallowed?), and ask me to breathe out as, one by one, they pull out these huge slug-like pieces of what appears to be silicone gel.

Looking at the splints, as they lay on the tray in front of me, I couldn’t help but think that all these years of nose-picking, I’d been an underachiever – I should have been able to get my index fingers up both nostrils at the same time, right the way up to the web.

My next thought was “my %deity% – does everyone breathe like this?”

It was amazing – even when I took a breath in through my mouth, air came in through my nose.

And when I closed my mouth, I could actually suck in huge lungfuls of air with ease without really trying. [And I have big lungs]

It’s now about a month later, and I can definitely say that although my nose still feels a little tender, and I’m not allowed to ride my unicycle for a while (too much danger of banging my nose), I would recommend this surgery to anyone with a deviated septum.

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