Forget that I asked you to ignore what I said about SAL.

Okay, so for the foreseeable future at least, SAL (and other code analysis goodness) is indeed available to all and sundry, like pie and chips, for free, on the Windows Vista Beta 2 SDK.

Michael Howard and I had a very pleasant exchange (as always) over email, where neither of us quite seemed to grasp exactly what the other was saying (as always), and where we mostly agreed (as always), and which resolved out as follows:

  • cl /analyze works if you run the cl.exe from the Windows Vista Beta 2 SDK.

  • The current plan is to leave this in the Platform SDK as Vista moves to release status from its current beta version.

  • Plans may change.

So, for right now, I will be using code analysis for my existing code, on my existing platform, by using the C++ compiler that shipped with the Windows Vista Beta 2 SDK.  I hope to post some articles here shortly on the following:

  1. How to download and install the Windows Vista Beta 2 SDK, with emphasis on tying it into Visual Studio 2005.

  2. Adding SAL comments to your code (and how to find the important arguments that really need commenting).

  3. Deciding whether it is better to complexificate the SAL comments, or to simplify your source code.

But I promise to resurrect my rant if it looks like cl /analyze is going to be withdrawn from the released version of the Platform SDK.

1 thought on “Forget that I asked you to ignore what I said about SAL.”

  1. Thanks, thats good news! Even if I don’t use it myself, it simply means more people will end up writing better programs.

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