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Here’s a better laptop theft story…

It’d be nice if the press handled this story a little better.

After all, it’s what we want – the stolen laptop had all its private data encrypted.

So why do I still get the impression that the authors are trying to push the angle of “sure, they say it’s encrypted, but really, what protection is that?”

I really want them to say “sure, the laptop may have data on it, but it’s all encrypted, so unless this was an inside job, that data is safe”.

If there’s no PR benefit to encrypting laptops, then we are relying on businesses to do the right thing simply because it’s right – and do we really trust business that much?

Supporting businesses that do the right thing, congratulating them for it, is the best way (short of patronising their outlets) to make sure they continue to do it.

Of course, since this is the Red Cross, perhaps what’s better is a donation of time and/or money.

[Since posting this, and similar content elsewhere, I’ve received a few messages that basically say “the laptop shouldn’t have had data on it in the first place”. I totally agree, but I’m pragmatic enough to realise that people will occasionally / frequently slip up on policy, requiring you to put extra measures in place. Given that the policy says “no data on laptops”, laptop encryption is still necessary.]

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