Programmer Hubris Part 3: Microsoft Knows I’m Not That Into Them

In Programmer Hubris Part 1, I described that frequently I'd come across applications that impinge on my consciousness far more than is justified by my infrequent use of them.

I expressed it rather simply as "I'm just not that into you". You, the developer, may believe that your app is the most important thing in the world – to me, it's something I use once every six months, and not because I want to. Don't give me even more reason to remove your application.

Maybe Microsoft gets this, because they've just released "Windows Principles: Twelve Tenets to Promote Competition".

Some of the highlights relevant to this topic:

1. Installation of any software

2. Easy access

3. Defaults

4. Exclusive promotion of non-Microsoft programs

I also like:

6. APIs

9. No exclusivity

10. Communications protocols

12. Standards

Go and read the document – I hope to hold Microsoft to these principles in the years to come.

1 thought on “Programmer Hubris Part 3: Microsoft Knows I’m Not That Into Them”

  1. And could we please, please, please, stop calling them “tenants”?

    “Tenets”, as anyone who’s done a year of Latin (or most derived “Romance” languages) will tell you, are things that you hold.

    “Tenants” are people who live in your building.

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