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Error: Insufficient system resources exist to complete the API.

This message (“Insufficient resources exist to complete the API”, along with an event log event ID 26 from “Application Popup”) has been popping up on my laptop from time to time, along with the rather troublesome issue that the machine refuses to hibernate. I had it set up so that I could close the lid, and the laptop would stand by for a few minutes, then hibernate.

Suddenly, it seems, the laptop is unable to hibernate, and only this confusing message appears on the screen.

Realisation dawned this morning that I had recently installed an extra 512MB of memory into my laptop.

Of course there are no system resources for hibernating, because my hiberfil.sys space is 512MB smaller, having been created with the previous size of memory.

The solution is simple – open the power properties (right-click the battery / power icon in the notification area, and select “Adjust Power Properties”), click the Hibernate tab, and then uncheck the “Enable Hibernation” box.

Click “Apply”, to delete hiberfil.sys, then re-check the “Enable Hibernation” box, and click “Apply” or “OK” to recreate it.

So, if your computer cannot hibernate, and you get this message, try disabling and re-enabling the Hibernation feature, and don’t think it’s as random-sounding a process as other articles make it out to be. If you’ve changed your memory size, you need to change your hibernation file’s size.

Just in case this doesn’t fix you right up, there is another issue that it might be – a hotfix is available for Windows XP SP2, XP Tablet Edition 2005, or XP Media Center Edition 2005; there’s also an earlier hotfix for Windows XP, for a different issue on multi-proc machines.

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  • This can happen for other reasons. See the knowledgebase article and windows patch at

  • I know that, thanks – that’s why I added the piece about a hotfix being available.

  • How do you install the hotfix if you only have a command prompt available?

  • It’s an EXE. You run it.
    If you only have a command prompt available, I think there are likely to be other things you need to fix first.

  • I am getting the errror mensioned above while I switch on the computer.

  • I got the error also when I switch on the computer so it seems there is nothing to do to fix it becuase I can not access my computer whatsoever. What should I do?

  • No idea, I’m afraid – seeing that message on startup is obviously a different problem. Sorry.

  • i am getting the same problem can anyone help?
    but i m not able to login.

  • re: Error: Insufficient system resources exist to complete the API
    I removed one stick of ram leaving just the one stick remaining, I was then able to get past the post portion of the boot up, and get into my computer and get files deleted to free up more memorie, for me it was to much ram and to little hard disk space causing the error!

  • I just wanted to say thank you! This was a very simple solution to my problem. I had, however, already tried to put my computer into hibernation mode which made my hibernation tab disappear until I restarted my computer. (I found that useful little tidbit on another site right before I ran into this one.)

    Thanks again!

  • i am getting message when ever i try to log on to my computer. before my computer boots up and goes to the log in screen this message occurs. what should i do?

  • Unselecting then re-selecting hibernation parameters worked for me. Rebooted in between just for heck of it. Had doubled ram before problem showed up. Had multiple error windows from multiple attempts to hibernate whenever I would just close laptop without shutting down.

  • Note that the hotfix may downgrade your kernel to an eariler version; compare the file versions before you install.

  • I tried to install this under a numerous different install parameters (safe mode, regular, After it did it, before it did it..) and I can NOT get this patch to fix my hibernation problems. Ideas?

  • Are your problems the same as those that the hotfix is designed to fix?

  • i am getting message when ever i try to log on to my computer. before my computer boots up and goes to the log in screen this message occurs. what should i do?

  • From what I’ve seen of reports of pre-logon occurrences of this message, you’ve generally filled up your hard drive too much to boot it properly. You can fix this by using the recovery console to delete some files.

  • u guys all suck this doesnt help at all i cant logg into my acc so how do i download this stuff/ change power options its not a hibernation promblem its not enough memory how do i fix this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yeah, clearly, we all suck, that’s why we post articles like these, because it’s great fun to post things that sound helpful but have no bearing on your particular problem.
    Or, you could look at it another way – that maybe, just maybe, we’re talking about one case where this error appears, and you’re talking about a different case.
    If that’s the issue, then obviously it would be great for you if we could help you, but you’re going to have to stop assuming that we’re at your beck and call. We – well, me, actually – I am going to try and help you on a volunteer basis. I am not your paid support, because I make zero money from doing this. That’s zero – nada, zip, zilch. So don’t be rude.
    Now, as I mentioned you can use the recovery console to check how much disk space is available on your disk. Do you know how to do that? If you do, tell me how much disk space is left on your drives. If you don’t know how to do that, then you obviously need instructions on opening the recovery console. So, tell me what your skill level is, and we’ll try to get you to a good place. But don’t be so damn rude about it when you’re asking for help from someone who doesn’t have “helping you out” as part of his job description.
    Thanks for your attention.

  • Insufficient system resources exist to complete the API.

  • really need help have insuffient error & not able 2 go any further.please help my daughter has a projec

  • I tried the hotfix a couple of times and it didn’t work, but what you said about two years ago makes perfect sense, I too upgraded my RAM when I started getting this API message… Thanks a lot.

  • Insufficient system resources exist to complete the API. Even I can not log in to my system when i close the API window my system again get re started & this is happening again & again I have my interview tomorrow & pls help me…

  • Okay, seriously, if you have something that important going on, your system is broken and the instructions in this page don’t apply to you – why don’t you call Microsoft support? A blog isn’t going to provide you with the quick turnaround you are looking for, nor is it going to stay with you until you reach a resolution. I only know of two solutions to this problem – one, to apply the hotfix if you’re experiencing the problem outlined in this blog entry, and two, if you can’t log on, then boot from the recovery environment on the install disk and delete some files to free up enough space to log on. If neither of those applies, call technical support!

  • I did remove the additional ram card and was able to boot up. Up until then I could not get anything but the command prompt. Thanks for your information.

  • i have the aspire one laptop and i keep getting the same messege as everyone else on this page. i click ok, or i x out the box and it keeps going in circles… i am pretty busy by now. how ever i did have a couple of good laughs on this page. i did not install any new ram or anything like that. Anyone have any ideas?

  • I have the same problem on the aspire one laptop – I can’t get it to finishing booting up before getting the error, at which point the computer restarts.

    Is there any way to reset it to factory settings?


  • My prob is I dont understand how will I use hotfix when I can’t even get inside the windows

  • so how exactly do i solve this problem?

  • tell me how to solve the problem

  • Hello,
    We just had this issue with our computer (in regards to the error even before the computer would boot up) and then it would just re-start. Does that sound familiar to what your computer is doing??
    If so, we took out an additional memory card and it booted up- next is to remove files that are on the machine because we have too much information compaired to what our hard drive can handle (low disk space)
    – Hope this helps some.

  • Hi, I’m getting the same message before boot up. Removed the memory card. Guess I need to open the recovery console now and delete files. anyone know how to do that?

  • I got the error also when I switch on the computer so it seems there is nothing to do to fix it becuase I can not access my computer whatsoever. What should I do?

  • I’ve not experienced the symptoms you have – but it does seem from the comments above that you can try removing a stick of memory, booting up and deleting some files to free up disk space (on your system / boot drive), then shutting down and putting the memory back in again. On startup, this message seems to do with either bad memory, or not enough drive space to create swap space for the size of memory you have.

  • just had the same error as the lot of you the way i got round it was remove the hard drive and connect to another computer using external lead deleted a couple of folders that are not important then put it back in the laptop and it works (the hard drive was telling me it was full so that is why windows could not start)hope this helps

  • I’ve been having too many troubles in winXP sp2 so I removed sp2. That opened up different problems so I tried to re-install windows from my cd. Now I get a message before windows loads that says “Insufficient system resources exist to complete the API” and quickly disappears. The system then reboots and does this cycle over and over. I’ve tried to check out other posts and I’ve seen the same message for issues with hibernation and systems with more than 1 gb. but I’m not trying to hibernate! I do NOT want to start a fresh install as I would lose too many things that, of course, are not backed up. Anyone? Thanks!

  • Same message on startup……… 🙁

    So what’s the solution

  • Hi i’m also having same problem in my desktop so please help me as i’m not able to work on that

  • please delete hibernate file from your hard drive c: before do this disable hibernate option

    after restart the system enable hibernate option
    and enjoy with hibernating….

    Gopal Malviya


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