Ten reasons Dr J wants to go to Amazon.

Ten reasons Dr J wants to go to Amazon.

10. Tired of working at a desk, wants to work at a door on breeze blocks instead.

9. Commute to Downtown Seattle is better than commute to London, New Zealand, Japan, Barcelona, Amazon Basin, Tsurinam, Atlantis, etc.

8. Tired of dealing with all those damn MVPs and their incessant fawning.

7. Feels the need to do security, rather than just travel the world talking about it.

6. Techies don’t appreciate being labeled “marketing”.

5. The Dr J fan-club is still smaller than Steve Riley’s.

4. After giving the same talk for the last three years, surely the industry has gotten the point by now, or is beyond help.

3. Wants to hack Amazon’s system to improve the sales of his books.

2. Microsoft is no place for a family man [but is Amazon really all that much better?]

1. Office closer to the water; water means scuba.

[Other friends of mine say “good luck” in their own ways:

Sandi “Spyware Sucks” Hardmeier

Susan “E-Bitz” Bradley

Joe “Joeware” Ware]

So, why do you think he left?

One thought on “Ten reasons Dr J wants to go to Amazon.”

  1. Maybe Dr. J just wanted a change of atmosphere, I can’t imagine his job was fun.  And maybe he thinks his work is done at MS (ROFL) and wanted a new challenge.  Of course personally I think Susan drove him away with her hero worship and he figures he might be safer at Amazon….

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