Windows Live Writer

 I’m trying out a new Blog posting tool, Windows Live Writer, currently available in beta test version.

I spend a lot of time disconnected from the Internet, and I frequently get irritated that I haven’t found a tool that I can use to update my web site over lunch, on the bus, in the coffee bar (yeah, like I’m paying their ridiculous rates!)

It doesn’t take much, just the ability to preview what you’re typing, edit the HTML to get rid of whatever craziness the editor puts in that I don’t want, and some ability to add graphics, links, etc.

[Okay, so the graphics didn’t work with my blog’s configuration.  But I’m sure we can change that.]

It also helps that I can download and edit existing posts that were posted with any other tool, and the Web Page Preview is great – even when you’re offline, you can see how your post will look once you’ve posted it.

Give Windows Live Writer a try – it gives me the impression of being about as simple as it needs to be – which is extremely high praise!

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