Patch Tuesday – Followed by Drafting Wednesday

So, we’re all well aware that the second Tuesday of every month is “Patch Tuesday”, right?

[If you’re not aware of this, please learn now that Microsoft releases security patches on the second Tuesday of every month, so that I.T. folks don’t have to scrabble and panic to schedule time for download, analysis, test and deployment at random intervals throughout the year.]

The afternoon of Patch Tuesday is rapidly turning into Drafting Wednesday.

“Patch Drafting” is the new industry-standard practice of releasing patches as soon after Microsoft’s patches as possible.

The theory behind it, as far as I can make out, is that if you publish your patches just after Microsoft, you’ll get less hostile coverage in the computer press, because they’ve already written that week’s “Scary Patches – Sky Is Falling” story, and can’t write another one for that week’s issue.

So, next Patch Tuesday – which will be October 10th 2006 – pay close attention that afternoon and the following day to see what patches are being issued by people who want to get them in “under the radar”.

Isn’t that exactly the opposite of what we want our patching processes to be?

One thought on “Patch Tuesday – Followed by Drafting Wednesday”

  1. I’d think that many developers would think that “under the radar” is a good thing, however as users this is definitely a bad thing.

    Any developer with half a nouse would realize that being open about patching, updates and vulnerabilities (and no, I’m not promoting irresponsible disclosure by security researchers) is the smartest way to approach things.

    Common sense, however, is far from common.

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