Insufficient Resources to Complete API – part 3

In part 2 of this series, I promised to let you know how I'd been doing with my hotfix solution to this problem.

[History: After increasing my laptop's memory past 1GB, in Windows XP SP2, I find that the laptop will occasionally refuse to hibernate, with the cryptic message "Insufficient System Resources to Complete API". A Microsoft Knowledge Base article makes it clear that this is a known bug, and offers a hotfix. After going through the simple procedure of getting the hotfix sent to me, it's now even simpler, because the hotfix is available to anyone to download, without having to call Microsoft.]

I'm happy to say that this has been going really well. My laptop, with 1.5GB of memory, now hibernates wonderfully well all the time, and I no longer fear that I will be pulling a red-hot laptop out of my bag after I've closed the lid in a hurry.

I do still hit the problem that if I press the power button, then close the lid, it hibernates once, and then a second time immediately after I turn it back on. Not a big problem – certainly not as big a problem as running the laptop's processor and fans at full tilt inside a sealed laptop bag because it didn't hibernate.

Lessons for those watching:

  1. Always search the Knowledge Base – go to, and type in either the full error message, or select words that are liable to be unique in reference to your problems. If your first search produces too many, or too few, matches, simply choose a different set of search words. Imagine how you'd write up the article yourself, what key words you'd put in there.
  2. If there's a hotfix available, don't get irritated that you have to call someone on the telephone in order to get the hotfix. It's a ten-minute process, you don't have to give your credit card number, you just say you want the hotfix related to article number such-and-such, and they send you the password to use in downloading it.
  3. Revisit a previous problem after a couple of months – someone else may have reported and fixed it.

3 thoughts on “Insufficient Resources to Complete API – part 3”

  1. I found my laptop running inside my laptop bag. The laptop smells like burnt electronics now. Great, my less than 1 year old, $1,500 laptop, which I treasure and treat with utmost care, probably just had 50% of it’s life eaten away.

    I put it in the bag in Suspend mode. It wakes up and tries to hibernate, but because of this stupid bug, it can’t, so it just stays on.

    If Microsoft made cars, I guess that after you parked it in the garage, it would start itself up 30 minutes later, and kill your whole family with CO gas.

    I am a programmer. I know for damn sure, if I were programming the Suspend/Hibernate features, I would not make a stupid decision like Windows XP has incorprated in it. Is there a “Stupid Decisions” department inside Microsoft? I bet this was because a “Business Analyst” was involved, and since BA’s are stupid and can’t understand computer technology, they probably brushed off the programmer’s pleas to not codify such an activity dfiagram. Suspend —> Wakeup and Hibernate —> Can’t Hibernate—> stay awake (which is the exact opposite of what the User asked for).

    BA’s are to Programmers what Security Guards are to Police Men. BA’are ladder-climbing, back-stabbing lackeys – THEY HAVE PEOPLE SKILLS!!!!! BA’s suck ass as well as they suck at everything else. Kill the BA’s.

  2. I know what you mean – you make me wonder whether something like this isn’t the cause of my recent USB hardware failures. Continually running a laptop inside a laptop bag with the fans blowing full blast can’t be good for the electronics!

  3. Man…This worked, ive been asking everyone on how this can be resolved, and after months of having a frying pan,you have finally helped me resolve this. Many thanks to you all.

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