Soon all your privacy problems will be history – Tales from the Crypto

Soon all your privacy problems will be history

According to recent research, 49 million adults in the USA have been notified of breaches of data security that have exposed their private information to unauthorised recipients over the past three years.

At this rate, shortly we won’t need to worry about privacy and data protection, because everyone’s data will already have been made public.

The “Programmer Hubris” on this one?

Programmers and database designers should remember that the data they hold is not theirs. It is other people’s data, which they hold in trust for others.

Learn the humility to realise that the data you hold on other people is a valuable commodity to thieves and malcontents, and even more valuable to the people who are represented by it. You are a security guard for millions of dollars – don’t you think it’s worth putting this data in the equivalent of an armoured truck?

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