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Where’s Jesper


Jesper used to blog all the time.

Jesper used to travel the world, speaking and spreading the news about computer security.

Jesper has a new blog, but it’s been a long time since he’s put anything there.

So, where’s Jesper now?

He’s stopped traveling the world, that much I know, because his kids were starting to ask “when that strange man was going to come visit”.

I just wish I could think of a good explanation for why he’s not blogging.

Now, it’s ever the security professional’s concern that he or she might inadvertently publish something that will let the unscrupulous attack the systems under their protection, or that will cause customers to lack confidence in the security of those systems.

But that’s part of the job, and if you can’t be trusted to have a little discretion, then you’re in the wrong field. It’s also worth pointing out that a key tenet of security theory is to assume that your attackers have complete specifications of your systems, so anything you reveal should not harm a well-designed system’s security (unless you’re going to post your p@55w0rd).

Or perhaps he has nothing to blog about – maybe there’s nothing of interest going on in security in his current position, or maybe it’s all so bad that his company can’t risk him talking about anything related to security in case it scares customers away. I’m pretty certain that’s not the truth, but it is an obvious conclusion that you’re going to draw when you have no information on which to proceed.

No, I just can’t see that there are any good reasons that he isn’t blogging… anyone got any better ideas?

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