VanishingPoint VIP Party – am I invited?

So, I found some time this week to play the Vanishing Point Game that Microsoft has been using to promote Vista‘s launch.

If you like puzzles, it’s really worth playing this, although I will have to admit there were a couple of places where I cheated collaborated with other players, who have posted hints and even -gasp- answers on the Vanishing Point Wiki. [I’m not linking to the Wiki because, let’s face it, if you can’t find it, you aren’t going to enjoy any of the puzzles or puzzle-themed events.]

I am smart enough to figure out on my own that there’s a local event this Saturday, and even to send a request for an invite to the “VIP Party” afterwards. But I didn’t get a response. I’ve seen a couple of blog comments that indicate the same, and noone has yet posted that they have received a response.

Maybe the “Vanishing Point” is the email account you send your request to? It certainly seems to have made my request vanish!

Never mind, I’ll be at the Vanishing Point event this Saturday in Seattle, and I hope I’ll be at the VIP party afterward.

[Please comment below if you have actually received a response from the VIP invite email address!]

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