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Couldn’t have done that at Microsoft

Today, another reminder of things I couldn’t have done at Microsoft.

Last night, I rushed home from work in time to take my kid to his Webelos den meeting.

There, we worked on his Pinewood Derby car.

He’s been sick most of last week and weekend, so he hasn’t done as much work on it as he’d like.

So, I stayed up late last night, gluing parts together, and finishing up painting on spots he hadn’t managed to get to.

I got up early this morning to finish the job.

And I even managed to put in some time on my own car.

I never could have done something so time-consuming while I worked at Microsoft.

Microsoft may be great for some, but I couldn’t successfully maintain their lifestyle.

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  • Absolutely – Microsoft’s lifestyle eventually burned me out. I fought hard, got my 5-year chunk o’ crystal, but ended up a wreck as a result. It’s great for pushing out product, but lousy for longevity.

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