I’m still not that into Apple

Apple Updater showed me two new software updates the other day – “Quicktime” and “iTunes + QuickTime”.

Now, remember, I never installed iTunes, and went out of my way to install only QuickTime.

I use QuickTime about once every six months, when there’s a movie I just have to see, and it’s only available in QuickTime format. [The last such movie was the Thunderbirds trailer for a series that sadly never made it to production.]

And once I did upgrade my QuickTime, selecting not to “upgrade” a non-existent iTunes, it again stuck an icon on my desktop, and another into my system tray, blatantly ignoring my patiently set preferences.

Apple doesn’t get it – it’s my machine, not theirs, and I’m just not into their software. It’s not even as if they made the operating system, and get to decide how it’s “supposed” to look.

3 thoughts on “I’m still not that into Apple”

  1. Wait, your upset at Apple for that? What about every piece of Wintel software that puts so many icons on your desktop. I installed TurboTax, no extras and got 5 icons. Most of them linked to the web, but some to software that wanted my credit card to enable it.

    And your upset with Apple? Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the Wintell tree.

  2. Me either. I own an iPod Nano second gen and I use Anapod to manage my tunes. iTunes is just too bulky and slow for me. As for Quicktime I use VLC Player for offline files. I have never yet found the need to view online QT videos, there is always an offline copy available somewhere. 🙂

  3. Don’t get me wrong – Intuit is on my you-know-what list as well, partly for the sort of shenanigans you’re describing, and partly for the insistence that you should be an administrator to run your company’s accounts.
    Apple’s QuickTime just happens to be a convenient target today.

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