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Windows 7 officially has a name

So, what’s the scoop?

It’s going to be called “Windows 7”, according to Mike Nash posting at the Windows Vista Blog.

How sneaky of Microsoft, to fool us into thinking that “Windows 7” was just the code name, when in fact it was also the release name!

Me, I think it’s because there was just no good way to include hints of the code-name in the final release name, like Microsoft have done in the past.

Think about it – “Cairo” spawned “Windows XP” – the Greek letters chi and rho are written: “ΧΡ” (lower-case is “χρ”) (if you don’t have the Greek font, that looks almost indistinguishable from “XP”). I’ll always think of it as “Windows No Parking”.

Windows 6 became Windows Vista – get it, six is “vi” in roman numerals?

So, Windows 7 should have been Windows Viista. Or maybe the name could have made obscure art-house movie references, and been called “A Vee and two ones”. Ah, but anything with VII in it might be perilously close to Intel’s VIIV product (currently residing in our “where are they now” file).

Perhaps this should make us think back to the last time a Windows client operating system was referred to by the word “Windows” followed by its version number – yes, “Windows 7” is designed to hearken back to “Windows 3.11”. Ah, yes, those were the days, indeed.

I can’t wait to see what’s coming in Windows 7, particularly things like Multi-touch support (though I have yet to purchase a system that has even single touch support).

Seven also marks Windows’ transition from an acid into a base.

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