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Zune HD 64 – up, down, up again

Much confusion and speculation abounds that there may be a Zune HD 64GB version – PC World says that it’s going on sale April 12 for $349.99, other articles in Engadget etc note that Zune.Net displays a link (not working at the time) to Zune HD 64. Possibly an early stab at an April Fools’ Day joke?


Apparently not.

The technical specs show no particular surprises. Double the capacity of the 32GB model – although both the 64GB and 32GB models are listed as having room for only 25,000 pictures. This doesn’t seem to be a misprint – the 16GB model has the same limit listed.

The 64GB model comes in black, or in the myriad of colours offered by Zune Originals. That could confuse people into thinking that you have the 16GB (also available by default in black).

Same size, battery length, screen size, resolution, etc, etc.

Whether or not this site goes down again in the distant future, it seems like we’re not to expect anything from the Zune 64 except double the storage.

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