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I’m at DefCon–what’s on your badge?

I’ve been at DefCon 18 for some of Friday – and as with Black Hat, it’s my first time.

I’ve decoded the bar code on the badge, but have no idea what it means (is it the name of Vera’s brother?), and I’ve got a fair idea what the Japanese text is encouraging us to do.

And, just to demonstrate that I can follow simple instructions, you’ll notice that my badge doesn’t look like your badge:


I should add that this isn’t anything particularly clever that I’ve done here, I haven’t solved any riddles or puzzled my way through anything, just managed to read some relatively simple (but somewhat code-ish) instructions. I hope to see many of you with similarly customised badges.

In recognition of the graphics I have on my badge, I’ll be wearing my Texas Imperial Software shirt on Saturday, too.

Here’s an even tighter close-up:


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